What is this?

Welcome to liminal.market analytics. The data on this page is the information created when users buy and sell their shares on the liminal.market platform. The data doesn't represent real value, all trades are done in a sandbox.

This is a demo page to demonstrate the power of open data. Checkout the code at github.com

Analytics code is available on github.com/liminal-market.
GraphQL code is available on github.com/liminal-market.
You can find us at liminal.market
Liminal.market uses TheGraph to index the blockchain. You can do you own queries using GraphQL. There are predefined templates for you to play with. Check it out.
Are you a Excel/Sheet genius? Check out our Google sheet, where you can retrieve all the data you need into your file, and play with it like you want. Just make a copy of the file, and you can play with the data. All live!